Neanderthals Had it Easy
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Okay folks so as human beings in theory we’ve come a long way from our walk on all fours, knuckle dragging past. Consequently we still carry some of those wonderful traits from that by gone era, mainly hair from our head to our toes. Most of it, especially making an appearance on our legs, backs [...]

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Types of Razors and Shavers

A quick look at the various tools of the trade and the 4 main categories they fall under

Mens Shavers

Top Makes and Models: A quick look at what is available in mens shavers and shaving supplies

Ladies Shavers

Top Makes and Models: A quick look at what womens shavers have to offer and related beauty supplies

Top Brands & Prices

The most popular rechargeable and cordless shavers, blade shavers, straight razors and how much they all cost plus ratings.

Personal Shavers

What to look for and what are available in personal shavers and how to use them

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How to get a great shave every morning

Robert Johnston of The Gentleman’s Shop shows you how to get a great shave every morning. Using Castle Forbes products, Simpsons shaving brush and an Edwin Jagger Safety razor Robert shows you how to turn the daily routine into a pleasure not a chore.

Top 5 Mens Shavers
Top 5 Mens Shavers

Mens Shavers (Top 5) This section is a summation of various studies and reviews found across the web. So without further adieu; (Source: Top 5 Men’s Electric Shavers Best men’s electric shaver Braun Series 7 760cc *Est. $235 Best rotary electric shaver Philips Norelco arcitec 1050X *Est. $175 Wet/dry foil shaver Panasonic Vortex HydraClean [...]

Womens Electric Shavers Womens Electric Shavers

Electric shavers for women Shaving dates all the way back to 30,000 B.C., when historians say cavemen took rocks and flint blades to their faces to tame their beards. Time and innovation have changed the tools, but experts say the hair-removal marketplace is full of products with gimmicky features that don’t necessarily improve upon the [...]

Best Razors For Women
Best Razors For Women

The best razors for women are usually made for men Using a razor is the simplest method of hair removal, and experts say it’s still the best. In tests of electric shavers and epilators at, female testers said that none of the electric models could make them switch from their manual razors. In recent [...]

Preparation-Before you start
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Preparation-Before you start

There seems to be some varying opinions on how best to prepare for a shave. I think it really depends for the most part on whether you are male or female and shaving the face or other part of the body including the pubic areas.