Neanderthals Had it Easy
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Okay folks so as human beings in theory we’ve come a long way from our walk on all fours, knuckle dragging past. Consequently we still carry some of those wonderful traits from that by gone era, mainly hair from our head to our toes. Most of it, especially making an appearance on our legs, backs [...]

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Preparation-Before you start

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shaving preparationArt of Shaving: Preparation (Before)

There seems to be some varying opinions on how best to prepare for a shave. I think it really depends for the most part on whether you are male or female and shaving the face or other part of the body including the pubic areas. With that in mind I will try and condense as best I can the information I have gathered, you’ll need to make up your own mind as to which method is likely to generate the best results for you. Quite often it is a trial and error process.

Before you shave, make sure you are using a sharp blade. Replace worn parts as necessary on Electrics. Dull blades will pull the hair and increases risk of ingrown hairs. Electric shavers should come with instructions on how often to replace parts. A good rule of thumb for disposable razors is that you should not need to use any pressure — if you do, replace it. Also never ever shave with cold water or worst yet a dry face, you might as well run sand paper down the side of your face.
If the hair you are planning to cut is fairly long you might want to first trim it with scissors or some other kind of long hair trimmer to get it down to a manageable stubble level for your razor. Exfoliate the skin before shaving. Guys, using a gentle exfoliate such as a facial cleanser or scrub will remove dead skin cells, open your skin’s pores and keep your beard hairs above the skin’s surface. This makes it easier for the blade to remove all the hairs when you shave.

Many professionals including long time barbers and dermatologists recommend that you should first soak the body part you are planning to shave in warm water for at least 3 minutes. This is especially important for coarser pubic or underarm hair. Warm water softens the hair and opens up the hair follicles and relaxes the skin making easier for the razor blades to cut the hair. Some electric razors work better if a shaving gel is applied at least 5 minutes prior to shaving. It is recommended that you use a high quality Glycerin based shaving gel as it helps to lock in moisture within the hair stem keeping it erect and reducing the friction on the skin it self, thus improving the shave. Using some kind of foamy lubricant or a Vitamin and Aloe Vera based shave cream will help prevent razor burn or those dreaded razor bumps.

For wet shaving, many people swear a superior shave can be obtained if you use a badger hair shaving brush to help lather up and prepare the face before shaving. It helps raise the facial hair to get a closer cut, and creates a creamy lather that stays close to your skin and exfoliates your face, which reduces the chance of blemishes or razor burn and makes your skin look and feel smooth. If at all possible avoid shaving when you first get up from sleeping since most people have that morning puffiness which in fact inhibits the razors ability to glide over the skin smoothly as the hair shafts are a lot less exposed

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